Protect Your Family 24/7

The problem:

The vast majority of South Africans, in any kind of accident, face overwhelming odds against receiving decent medical treatment.

They experience:

  1. Poor ambulance response times

  2. Long queues at state facilities    
  3. Exorbitant cash deposits at private hospitals

The solution: Life9

Life9 is an all-in-one, critical care solution from a panic button on your cell phone, to a call centre paramedic case managing your crisis, to an ambulance service, to admission for emergency stabilization hospital care for injuries caused by an accident. Life9 ensures that everyone can now have access to first rate emergency care in an accident!

What should you do NOW?

To join Life9:

 Go to the Call me tab or click on the button below to request a Call Back by filling in the simple form with all the neccessary details

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You can also contact us via the following


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Contact Us:

Emergency Call Centre:08612 54339

Fax: 086 511 9433



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